High Dining with Magical Butter & Glass Prophets

High Dining brought to you by Magical Butter Australia and Glass Prophets.

Will Stolk – @ballinonabudgetmedia

Nathan – Magical Butter AU

Jake – Glass Prophets

Justin – @justbaked – Magical Butter AU trade chef

Indica Queen – @indicamob
DJ Izm – Bliss n Eso

ChillinIt – #420family

Filmed and edited by

Song: Up Up & Away

Artist: Chillinit

Album: Women Weed & Wordplay

The Magical Butter machine is the world’s first countertop botenical extractor, designed for creating fantastic recipes and infusing the essence of healthy hearbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions & more!

Glass Prophets is Australia’s leading gallery & distributor of premium glass art and other accessories.