710@420 Smart Glass Displays Cabinets

Relocatable flat-pack retail/home display cabinet with electronic switchable smart glass viewing panels in doors.

Using the latest Switchable Glass technology we have developed a semi-permanent display that remains frosted when deactivated or not-powered and defrosts revealing the content when activated.

These off-the-shelf units are 80cm wide, 190cm tall & 35cm deep with 8 viewing windows.

  • Activate using supplied remote control or Android/iOS app
  • All pieces covered by warranty
  • Additional door lock hardware available (electronic or key)
  • Multiple units can be linked to defrost simultaneously
  • Helps comply with Australian government tobacco paraphernalia display rules
  • Only uses power whilst defrosted (minimal power consumption even when activated)
Perfect for applications such as
  • Discreet retail display cabinets
  • Discreet home display cabinets
  • Tobacconists
  • Adult stores

These items are located in Australia & available now.