420 Activists shine light on outstanding issues via Australian landmarks

Sydney, Australia, April 20, 2022 – In a bold and daring move to draw attention to the debate around the complete legalisation of Cannabis in Australia, an army of local protesters have taken to Sydney Harbour to project illuminations of Cannabis leaves on Australia’s iconic landmarks – Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. With a single voice, the question on the lips of these activists is; ‘Who Are We Hurting?’ 

Projections have been spotted on the sails of Sydney Opera House, as well as on the pylons of Sydney Harbour Bridge. These vivid festival-like projections mark April 20 (aka 420), a date that has been internationally accepted as the ‘day of Cannabis.’ This unique day was also christened ‘Stoner Christmas’ by the Australian Cannabis magazine – Dopamine.

The group have said they want to publicise the discussion around Cannabis in Australia and ask the government; who would be hurt by an amnesty? William Stolk, a member of the group said; “we also want to educate the Australian taxpayer on the benefits of fully legalising Cannabis in Australia, and on the huge amounts of money that will flow into the coffers of the Australian government for use in health care, schools, and roads as currently the profits are being made by private entities and organised crime.

Following a recent test run of these projections, Alec Zammitt, one of the founders of ‘who are we hurting’ became the subject of investigation by Sydney City detectives. “The Opera House authority is looking for a way to impose a fine for this. Nonetheless, this does not compare to the undue punishments faced by Cannabis consumers. I have now stepped aside to avoid any further undue force” Alec affirmed. 

The Sydney Opera House is no stranger to activism or controversy. In 2018, the Australian government received widespread criticism over their use of the iconic building to promote a horse racing event with Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the time calling it “the biggest billboard we’ve got.” The 2003 efforts of David Burgess cannot be easily forgotten, where he painted the largest of the sails with bold words reading ‘No War’ in reference to the looming Iraq war, with today’s protest commentating on a different kind of war. 

Following Scotty from marketing’s comments, a comedy group known as ‘The Chaser’ took the debate around advertising on the Sydney Opera House to the next level by successfully projecting ‘advertise here’ onto the iconic venue and some other Sydney landmarks.

Speaking further, Alec said; “Cannabis has been legal in Australia for years now. It is time to end evidence-free RDT and stop uniquely targeting this medicine through drug driving legislation. Additionally, we need to implement processes to grow our own so as to aid lower-income patients that are unable to afford the current process.” 

This mornings efforts resulted in the groups Park Hyatt Opera View Hotel being raided by police and two of the activists held in remand for 10 hours.

The activists were issued court attendance notices for offences relating to ‘Distribute etc advertisement etc on Opera House premises’ under Sydney Opera House Trust By law 2021, Section 9(1)(g).

Suffice it to say that the group responsible for this feat are also responsible for similar protests performed on the 20th day of April these past years. Last year for example, the artists held a mock press conference on the steps of parliament house, Canberra. 

They visually displayed $420,000 dollars as a sign to show the daily excise the Australian government could be collecting if Cannabis was completely legalised and taxed. The press conference attracted the attention of national and local media, prompting an investigation from the federal police. A week later, disgraced former MP Craig Kelly paid homage to the idea by replicating the stunt with counterfeit cash inside parliament. 

Members of this enviable group are also known for avant-garde 3D experiences including a recent immersive dining event, combining visual storytelling with a three-course dinner to produce an event where past, present and future meld into one continuous stream right before your very eyes. 

In a sign of changing times, NSW parliament are due to deliberate on a recent Road Transport Amendment Bill 2021 (Medicinal Cannabis – Exemptions from Offences) which was introduced by Greens MP Cate Faehrmann. 

“It’s time for serious law reform around Cannabis. Too many innocent people are being affected by out of date laws. It’s time to end the stigma and the lies. It’s time people could access this plant medically or recreationally without fear of persecution. It’s time for change. Because really… Who Are We Hurting?“ Says renowned cannabis activist and #whoarewehurting member Jenny Hallam.

“Tasmania has a medical Cannabis driving defence, and Australia’s capital territory allows people to grow their own Cannabis in limited quantities. We need similar legislation federally,” Alec concluded. 

Further protests are taking place in public parks around the country, Sydney’s public protest in The Domain Park Precinct will house food trucks and market stalls from 1pm – 5pm.